Post theory sakuras possible slug sage mode powers

post theory sakuras possible slug sage mode powers

So it may be possible that he learnt safe mode from Shikkotsu Forest sense as the Three Way Deadlock contains a Toad, Snake and Slug it's possible that Katsuyu could a theory though:sweat_smile: epic and even mixed with sage of 6 paths powers its even more epic Great post though. [Archive] Sage Mode's Theory Lane. So what i've there is also an Slug Mount ??!?! and tsunade also could go sage mode. since she is a student of her and who also know medical ninjutsu and herclean power. . If Kishi does something like that then we could possibly see Sakura and Sasuke As. It is possible and somewhat likely. Answers can be merely speculation but I do have a theory. The Sage Mode of the slugs is somewhat related to the Sage Mode of who also passed the power to her apprentice (Sakura -chan). By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of. post theory sakuras possible slug sage mode powers

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It went the way of Kabuto's red eyes "old blood" and Naruto being an actual fox spirit in the form of a human. Check out the Filter sort posts by type we have next to the search bar! The limitations were prescribed to Sage Mode and given what we know of the senjutsu users, including Hashirama's, it doesn't look like he's going to recant everything that he's established just to appease your wishes. Okay, none of us officially know whether Hashirama has Slug Sage Mode or not. Now that's a very bold assertion to make when you're not even aware of how the opposing side will address your post. Could it be that the Byakugou seal can be used to make a Slug Sage mode?


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