North korea facebook version hacked

north korea facebook version hacked

A mysterious North Korean Facebook clone popped up on the Internet Friday and was almost immediately hacked by a Scottish teen. Here is a demo of the Facebook clone that was used to make the North Korean version. A North Korean imitation of Facebook has been hacked into by a Scottish teenager just hours after it was discovered. The site, “Best Korea's. A BRITISH teen has boasted of how he hacked North Korea's version of Facebook - using what is probably the oldest trick in the book. Everything can be hacked on the internet, even newly-created Facebook clones hosted in North Korea. Despite the common wisdom being to always change your default password, it seems that those running North Korea's version of Facebook. A FACEBOOK imitation was launched in North Korea this week, only to be hacked by a Scottish teenager hours after it was North KOrea reportedly launched its own version of Facebook, which was hacked within hours.

North korea facebook version hacked - der

The North Korean website Starcon. Teen hacks into North Korean Facebook using the password 'Password'. Please go to Windows Updates and install the latest version. north korea facebook version hacked