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ANDREAS HANSEN MED SIN BRUD Genetic mosaic dissection of lis1 and ndel1 in neuronal migration. Differential requirement for Dab2 in the development of embryonic and extra-embryonic tissues. PubMed: MGI: J Essalmani R; Zaid A; Marcinkiewicz J; Chamberland A; Pasquato A; Seidah NG; Prat A. Generalized tetracycline induced Cre recombinase expression through the ROSA26 locus of recombinant mice. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 1 Biochim Biophys Acta 5 Research Areas by Genotype.
Release super frk ep PubMed: MGI: J Boo K; Baek SH; Lee H. Endocrinology 1 Cancer Cell 17 1 PubMed: MGI: J Chen CM; Bentham J; Cosgrove C; Braganca J; Cuenda A; Bamforth SD; Schneider JE; Watkins H; Keavney B; Davies B; Bhattacharya S. PubMed: MGI: J Golan N; Kartvelishvily E; Spiegel I; Salomon D; Sabanay H; Rechav K; Vainshtein A; Frechter S; Maik-Rachline G; Eshed-Eisenbach Y; Momoi T; Peles E. PubMed: MGI: J Liu X; Yan X; Zhong B; Nurieva RI; Wang A; Wang X; Martin-Orozco N; Wang Y; Chang SH; Esplugues E; Flavell RA; Tian Q; Dong C.
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