Get a Minecraft Pet

Get a Minecraft Pet

How to tame wolves in Minecraft. This is in the New update and Thanks for watching and Subscribe. Someone requested a pet store in Minecraft, so we built it! Like us on Facebook! Hey. How to Get a Minecraft Pet. Pets in Minecraft offer practical purposes as well as aesthetic. Ocelots, for examples, will cause creepers to walk in the other.

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Go to step one to find out how to get a pet. Use that chance in having a bodyguard. You can only acquire a standard, tamed wolf in vanilla Minecraft. This is done by feeding one enough bone items by right-clicking the wolf with the item in hand. Minecraft Pets Minecraft: Xbox Edition Minecraft. Brand: Arcade NEXT, Tabby, Tuxedo and Doggy get along very well around here. Copy and paste this. First you can do any of the modes(I recommend creative). If you chose creative: 2. Fly around until you see a wolf of a pack of wolves. 3. Get   Inventory Pets: Animated creatures that live in your.


How to Tame Wolves + Get Pets in Minecraft