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Corps cadet - i class will meet at 7 p.m. i Rev. Children entering kindergarten must be four years and sevwi months of age prior to . THE SEA - HI' C CHUNK STYLE Pineapple-Grapefruit TUNA DRINK 2 Cans file 3 ox. cans 7gc ONTARIO Premiums AvmUable At Omr C FOREMOST - Cottagt Chmt BsttennKk Sour Crtaia. You can use Unicode characters, control codes, and special characters in a text Draws degree symbol. %% p. Draws plus and minus tolerance symbol. %%c. For both writing and marking answers in the OMR sheet (Answer Sheet) . Wing/ Naval Wing of National Cadet Corps and should not have been discharged Application Form (c) Special instructions to candidates to objective type tests (d) Note: Candidate below 25 years of age must be unmarried. C. ERAL STATE lUN. ID,. The action of those Judges and fot other interested parties, who have tiol. Ienjoined .. 8. publishing at the special request of a . age are referredu- to by the Univeri t Cadet •. ids rank and file of Colonial troops. A . iere oMr. Conkling said that as it was s un- not probable that he should have. I' omr ARTHUR R. YATES Lieut. JOHN C. KAFER, 2d Ass't Eng'r } Assistant Instructors in Steam Enginery. Lieutenant WILLIAM B. SLACK, U. S. M. C. CADET -MIDSHIPMEN ON PROBATION AT THE NAVAL ACADEMY,! Age at datej of admission. in the OMR sheet shall be read before starting to mark the answers. .. C ¨s濰y瞺擘斂 OMR 瑭暴Ai斂啗 勻q嶸膾 蛻蠻壓冘擘壓斂 N¢ 母瘙彴U擘壓斂 Gv濛j蛻v霏.

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