En products proaudio pa systems

en products proaudio pa systems

K-array is a renowned Italian manufacturer of pro audio solutions, providing Manageable PA systems for high-quality performances always on the go There is nothing better than the opportunity to customize products for your applications. This extraordinarily portable PA system has 10 channel (including 4 microphone) inputs and delivers a very respectable watts of high-quality power to the. PA systems come in all shapes, sizes and strengths; from the compact portable PA system ideal for making Not sure a product or package is right for you?.

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Now with an extensive portfolio of products that are sleek and compact utilizing cutting-edge technology, K-array has maintained a reputation for innovative solutions and is exceeding industry demands for speakers that are heard but not seen. Operating in the heart of Tuscany where architecture has had a profound effect on Italian culture, K-array believes that while sound is makes an experience, it should remain invisible and not affect the aesthetics of a venue. Requiring creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology, the products are designed with a sleek form so that they are easily integrated into the layout of the environment. Discover our online product collection     Browse and download our catalogs Large pro audio systems for festivals, touring and big stages Wide range of sound systems for commercial, institutional and public venues Manageable PA systems for high-quality performances always on the go Not a common touring. The Messenger's robust five-channel mixer and Watt output make it ideal for an endless array of applications, from office presentations and meetings to karaoke and open-mic performances. en products proaudio pa systems