Dictionary english danish found

dictionary english danish found

Danish Dictionary: Danish-English, English - Danish (Routledge Bilingual Frequently a very good translation if left out in Eng -Dan, but present when you look it. Translation for 'can be found ' in the free Danish dictionary. More Danish translations for: to be, to can, can, to found. Look-up 1 Look-up 2 Look-up 3 Look-up 4 Look-up 5 to'er in Danish-English bilingual dictionary. Found that to'er was not in the dictionary. tovaerelses. Search for an English - Danish translation in the English to Danish dictionary. Enter your word in the search field to get the Danish translation. You can also enter. Translation for 'to found ' in the free English - Danish dictionary and many other Danish translations. Translation for 'to confound' in the free English - Danish dictionary and many other more_verticalGo to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that.

Dictionary english danish found - hyrevognmands salg

EN to confound Danish translation. English Until an agreement is foundthe Commission has to shoulder its responsibility. English I also found the closing remarks made by the Commissioner a little out of order. It includes both general language and terminology from all major fields. English Russian English - Russian. The alphabet below contains all words, expressions and phrases of the German-Danish dictionary. Why not have a go at them together!


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