Daddy dating glee fanfiction

daddy dating glee fanfiction

Blaine Anderson was a single Dad who loved his son Matthew 5, more than anything. The Kurt Hummel also loved his son Noah, 5 more than. By the Christmas that year we were dating. He was very uptight and we were complete opposites, we balanced each other out. Hunter reined. Kurt's life isn't at all what he wanted. He is stuck in an unexpected relationship with his dreams almost permanently on hold and a job he took mostly out of. daddy dating glee fanfiction

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We won't be able to protect ourselves" Noah said so seriously he couldn't laugh. We could make out for a bit in my hot tub?

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Satisfied with the four alarms he set, he turned to his guitar and carelessly strummed. Blaine was sliding across the floor on his knees, his eyes wide and his breathing heavy, "how long do we have until Adam's back" Kurt asked never looking away from Blaine "Twenty minutes" Blaine breathed and Kurt was more than a little excited with about what they were about to. He hadn't felt the need to dress to impress for so long and it felt kind of nice, knowing that he still had the ability to look good in a suit. Although that particular outcome is highly unlikely considering Matthew and Noah spend more time together than not, they can't rule the idea. The men had been doing a quick run-through and he'd realised that day he found the men more attractive than the woman, and that was. How the hell had he been so lucky, after everything, to have a son like Noah. " Daddy, you know after dance class Auntie Rachel and Auntie Tanna turned up and came back with us?" Noah asked from his seat at the. We were 16 when we started dating each other, she's fine." Kurt grabbed Blaine by the shoulders reassuringly, and looked into his eyes. Would he think of this as what Kurt wanted it to be, more like a date than just two Dad's and their kids hanging out? He was sure Matthew would.


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